The 2023 Thunderbird International Championship Regatta will be held in Port Townsend from August 30th to September 3rd (Labor Day weekend). The Notice of Race has been posted and registration is open on Regatta Network ( For those from outside the Pacific Northwest we are hoping that at least two loaner boats will be available.

Our goal is to have 20+ boats in competition. That means we have to get the word out. Please tell your fellow sailors!

Venue: The regatta this year will be based out of the Boat Haven marina in Port Townsend rather than Point Hudson. This is because the Port Townsend Sailing Association (PTSA) now has a clubhouse at Boat Haven and it will be the headquarters for the event. All of the sail measuring as well as all social events will be held there.

Moorage for out of town boats: Moorage will be available in the Boat Haven Marina. Three boats will be able to “raft” between other Birds on “Tbird Row”. We are handling the reservations for those spaces please let us know ASAP if you would like one. Beyond that there will be moorage available on an as-available basis as the time gets closer. The Port has agreed to work with us to make space available, but it will not be possible to reserve until the day of arrival. If you prefer to dock at the Point Hudson marina and drive or walk to Boat Haven for the Regatta events you are welcome to do so – please make your own reservations directly with the Port of Port Townsend.

Thanks everybody, this promises to be a fun event with some very competitive racing.

Questions to: Jim Heumann, PTSA, Fleet 33, Regatta Secretary – EMAIL:

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